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This holiday season, we gave back to our local community through Donors Choose.

Our contributions were distributed among high poverty elementary schools across Virginia whose projects are intended to promote literacy, develop math skills, encourage learning through movement and enable technology-driven classrooms.

Project Love for First Grade

My students need a projector and a document camera to engage in our curriculum. We have a Smartboard but cannot use it without a projector. They are visual learners who enjoy seeing educational videos and learning through music and Smartboard interaction. Your donation for this project will go toward the advancement of my first grade students who are learning to have an appreciation for education and a love of reading and math! View more >

“The technology that was purchased for our room has been such a blessing. Each day, my students are able to utilize our smart board during instruction. My first graders are motivated to learn and have been excelling in their academics… This has also improved many of the behavior issues that normally arise during instruction.”

Oldies but Goodies: Classic Titles for the School Library

My students need copies of classic titles of children’s books for the school library and media center to help increase their fluency and to continue to foster their love of literature. Every week, students come to the media center to have literacy lessons and check out books to read. The collection we have is well-loved (i.e. very worn!). If we were able to increase our inventory of these titles, students would be able to foster their love of reading. View more >

“The books arrived very soon after the project was funded, and they have been flying off of the shelves ever since. It is so heartwarming to see kids so excited about reading, and having access to books is essential for students to be successful in their educational endeavors. Making a donation may seem like a small thing to do with regards to impacting the educational needs of children, but I am here to say that it makes a HUGE impact in the lives of my students.”

Beginning to Build a Kinesthetic Classroom: Adding Movement To Learning

My students need an active classroom. Having access to portable standing desks, pedal exercisers and steppers will help provide movement in the classroom and provide a variety of options for students. Studies have shown that incorporating movement and exercise during the school day can help make students less fidgety and more focused on learning. It can also help to improve on task behavior and may also help improve memory and concentration. View more >

“The students love having access to the pedal bike, steppers and standing desks (they’re already asking when we’re getting more!). The students are enjoying the opportunity to have movement and be more active during our regular classroom routines. These materials are helping students to focus more as they complete classwork.”