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Conveying your products from pick to delivery.

The product:


Integrating conveyor strategically is a specialty of PeakLogix. By starting with your business goals and warehouse blueprint, our team can design the right system to convey your product efficiently while consuming as little floor space as needed to drive your productivity.

PeakLogix integrates a

wide variety of conveyor

From automated MDR conveyor solutions to accumulation conveyor configurations, and pick divert technology, conveyor today performs beyond simply moving your product from picking to shipping.

Our team works with the leading equipment manufacturers to ensure your warehouse design uses the best technology for your goals.

Facility expansion avoided by using
accumulation conveyor in floorplan.

With carton accumulation technology our client has reduced the need for maintenance and lowered power costs by enabling sleep mode when not in use, while the new floor design increased throughput to 2,000 cases per 8-hour shift.

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