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Horizontal carousel systems are a cost-effective way to quickly add storage and retrieval.

Horizontal carousel systems are ideal for SKU movement with high throughput rates. Reduce your labor costs and invest in value-added tasks. 

By delivering goods directly to an operator, you can achieve a 20% reduction in time to fulfill. Horizontal carousel systems are effective solutions for storing items with or without restrictions, and they integrate easily with your warehouse management software (WMS). 

Restricting or granting access to workers ensures higher inventory control.

One client integrated horizontal carousels with pick-to-light technology to increase picking accuracy by over 175% and reduce labor costs by almost half. 

Design a horizontal carousel system to your specific needs.

Carousel solutions are designed specifically for your high-speed picking and parts-to-person delivery needs.

Horizontal carousels offer a wide range of system configurations and throughput rates can vary on factors such as:

  • Layout and process
  • Order profile
  • Picking strategy

Facilities that need to optimize  square footage utilization can increase density by up to 75% for a compact footprint.

horizontal carousel system

Data-driven optimization and carousel solutions by PeakLogix save you time, energy, and money.

Your throughput requirements and physical limitations will determine the best horizontal carousel system for you. 

Generally, these carousels are arranged into pods or zones. A core advantage of automatic storage and retrieval (AS/RS) is delivering stored items to workers, significantly reducing walk and search time. Coupled with pick-to-light or pick-to-voice, operators in a zone or pod can follow voice or light commands and further reduce costly errors. 

Multiple carousels in a pod can create variable access points to create an efficient, worker and footprint-friendly layout to increase average pick rates 3x or more. And with stacked carousel pods, two space-saving yet safe picking zones can increase vertical space utilization. 

When designing a tailored solution, improving your productivity and increasing your cubic space are core considerations. Horizontal carousel systems can reduce footprint by 75%, lowering possible expansion costs.





custom horizontal carousel system integrated by PeakLogix

Custom Horizontal Carousel System integrated by PeakLogix.

Access high-density storage that adjusts to a changing mix of products with a horizontal carousel system.

To meet seasonal picking requirements, a horizontal carousel can divide materials into zones at the touch of a button. It makes having multiple pods and carousels an ideal solution for sorting items and delivering them to multiple workers. They use modular design and rotating storage containers to improve batch picking. 

You can combine several orders into a single batch, allowing operators to pick multiple orders simultaneously and stay safely in one area of the warehouse. Through automation, paperless picking reduces warehouse travel. Workers no longer spend picking time looking for order paperwork and can be assigned value-added tasks. 

A horizontal carousel system by PeakLogix can integrate with your WMS and pick-to-light technology to reach 250-350 lines picked per hour. With up to 99.99% picking rate accuracy, carousel solutions are key in growing your business.





Horizontal carousels are an efficient and intelligent solution to keep up with growing demand.

Horizontal carousel systems enable continued revenue gains. Custom solutions are scalable and designed to maximize pick efficiency and overall productivity.

  • Solutions are scalable to grow with your business
  • Integrate with your existing WMS or pick technology
  • Effectively manage peak times for orders throughout the year

Reach maximum potential with a tailored horizontal carousel system from PeakLogix.

To take full advantage of carousel benefits, you need a solution tailored to your business. We specialize in creating functional and productive experiences so you can focus on growth. Once you submit your details below, one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

After you virtually guide us through your facility and outline data points, we will use the gathered information to create a model and plan according to your business needs.

We have a carousel solution for you.

Our solutions give you valuable insight into your projected growth using carousels. Our top priority is what’s best for you, so the brand or manufacturer comes second to the solution unless you prefer a specific OEM. Our solutions and support are within reach no matter where you are.

Are you ready for a horizontal carousel?

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