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Boost your productivity 30% with Pick-to-Light.

Pick-to-Light is an optimal warehouse management solution. It boosts and enhances your picking process.

Pick-to-Light systems are robust yet relatively simple. Designed to efficiently streamline warehouse picking operations and bring productivity gains, you’ll also achieve improved accuracy and error cost reduction.

Omnichannel fulfillment requires facilities to move larger quantities of SKUs while maintaining efficiency levels, especially during seasonal peaks. Pick-to-Light allows a facility to streamline processes and maximize productivity. It does so without decreasing accuracy. 

A Pick-to-Light system from PeakLogix makes picking multiple orders and reducing trips through your facility a reality. Our tailored solutions work independently or easily integrate into your Warehouse Management Software (WMS), reducing trips through the facility by consolidation.

Light devices are a good entry point for an automation transformation for many warehouses. These systems can precisely coordinate workers and management software, enabling your business to drive high volumes quickly.

Combine Pick-to-Light with industry-leading applications.

A variation in order size, seasonal peaks, and SKU diversity make some level of order automation a necessity. For sustained growth, Pick-to-Light is optimal.

We offer ideal applications for your fulfillment operations. A combined material flow and order picking technology maximizes throughput and accuracy.

An order fulfillment solution can include:

  • Pick- and Put-to-Light systems
  • Voice picking
  • Mobile cart picking solutions
  • Handheld SKU scanners
  • Mobile devices
pick-to-light new installation

Complement your existing infrastructure to achieve greater operational results.

Create sustainability and reduce labor costs; costs you can allocate to value-added tasks. Pick- and Put-to-Light systems increase speed and accuracy. They bring paperless, light-directed fulfillment that is quickly and effortlessly located.

An easy-to-use fulfillment solution with Pick-to-Light requires minimal training costs. Meanwhile, it improves accuracy and efficiency in fulfillment environments.

Voice picking solutions can integrate with Pick-to-Light. The combination allows hands-free, eyes-up operation and reduces the risk of on-the-job accidents.





Custom Pick-to-Light integration by PeakLogix; put wall for diverted eaches.

Energy-efficient conveyor systems with Pick-to-Light save over a minute per package you ship.

You can use energy-efficient conveyor systems for zones further from the packing and sorting areas. Together with pick modules, they provide a proven solution throughout your facility, especially when combined with advanced Pick-to-Light components. Whether it includes voice picking and/or RF handheld scanners, the outcome is a robust, safe mobile picking system.

You can increase accuracy through lighted order locations. You can improve pick rates by 30-50% and with 99.9% accuracy by directing workers to order zones. Consolidation in the area allows single and multi-line order picking at the same time. This provides mobility anywhere and brings wireless RF data communication in your hand. 





Speed up efficiency and order fulfillment processes with sortation and storage systems.

  • Pick-to-Light order management and lighted walls are effective for order consolidation.
  • They’re ideal for warehouses with a continually growing number of SKUs.
  • Data-driven optimization and hardware help you achieve rapid SKU fulfillment. 
  • A flexible set-up of your existing layout enables put-and-pass from one worker to another.
  • Facilities that rely on batch, zone, or Automatic Storage/Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) will increase productivity.

Increase productivity 200% with a customized Pick-to-Light solution from PeakLogix.

To take full advantage of the benefits of Pick-to-Light, you need a solution tailored to your business. We specialize in creating custom solutions so you can focus on growth and expansion. Once you submit your contact information below, one of our representatives will reach out to you within 24 hours.

We’ll listen to your needs as you virtually guide us through your facility and outline data points. We’ll design a Pick-to-Light solution according to your specific goals to show you how you will increase efficiency and virtually eliminate debatch errors

We have a solution for you.

We are the only solutions provider to give you valuable insight into your projected growth using a custom plan. Our top priority is what’s best for you, so the brand or manufacturer comes second to the solution unless you prefer a specific OEM.

Our solutions and support are within reach no matter where you are.

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