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Automated packaging and palletizing solutions help you meet operational goals.

Automated packaging systems help facilities achieve operational goals by improving efficiency and throughput, line balancing, and offering faster speed to market. 

Studies find that the market for automated packaging solutions will grow to $94.3 billion by 2027, helping facilities keep up with consumer demand for speed and accuracy.

Packaging automation can range from standalone equipment to complete lines. Advanced systems can automatically pack, label, palletize, and wrap your product with a complete controls system that requires little to no involvement of plant personnel. These types of systems can decrease your costs while increasing your productivity and quality.

To achieve balance with the rest of your operations, packaging lines need to be able to communicate seamlessly with your production and warehousing systems.

We have decades of experience integrating automated packaging solutions throughout manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Our expertise in implementing turnkey solutions reduces costs and increases efficiencies.

Automated packaging solutions for all facilities.

Automated packaging systems can meet the demands of a diverse product line, and take many forms depending on your needs or goals. No matter the product, there is a packaging solution that can add efficiency and accuracy to your lines. 

A solution can encompass a variety of packaging equipment such as:

  • Robotics: palletizing, case/tray packing, pick and place
  • Conveyors: stainless steel, sanitary/washdown and standard non-washdown
  • Inspection systems: weight, metal, x-ray, and vision
  • Weighing, counting and bagging systems
  • Printing, coding and labeling systems
  • Palletizers: conventional, robotic, and gantry style
  • Stretch-wrappers and pallet dispensers
  • Case erectors, case sealers
automated food sorting and packaging

We deliver automated solutions to meet your goals for reliability, throughput and cost.

Inefficient processes can result in poor quality with significant errors leading to damaged products or repackaging. Automated packaging systems solve this challenge by providing the consistency that ensures your packaging is right the first time.

You can meet packaging standards and labeling regulations while improving productivity and material consumption, and reducing waste. Increase your productivity by running for extended periods at high rates and up to 99.998% accuracy and eliminate your redundant tasks by 80%.  

You’ll also be able to standardize material use, regulate consumption, and improve inventory management using automated packaging. 





robotic pick and place

Automated Robotic & Conveyor System Integrated by PeakLogix

Automation does not need to take breaks.

You can significantly increase your production by increasing packing and palletizing availability through automation.

The right automated systems from PeakLogix will improve your product throughput.

To take full advantage of automated packing and palletizing, you need a solution tailored to your business and integrated with your other processes and equipment. At PeakLogix, we specialize in creating functional and productive integrations so you can focus on growth.

Once you submit your details below, one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours. Be prepared to discuss your pain points, bottlenecks, and roadblocks so that we can create a system that meets your needs today, and will help you plan for future growth.

Automated solutions designed with your business in mind are our specialty.

Our solutions give you valuable insight into your projected growth and the tools to manage it successfully. We are vendor agnostic and our priority is what’s best for you. We’ll work with you to find the best solution on the market, or work with the manufacturer of your choice.

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