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Material handling solutions engineered for Food & Beverage operations, designed for you.

Material handling in the food and beverage industry faces a number of unique challenges. From multi-temperature environments to increased regulation, you need precise solutions that meet your distinct pain points.

PeakLogix has decades of experience delivering bespoke solutions in every manner of warehousing environment, including cold storage and multi-temperature warehouses. Our solutions are brand agnostic — meaning we answer your challenges with the best solution the industry has to offer at your price point.

Companies in the food and beverage suppliers have competing needs. You need to meet the expectations of a consumer who has been conditioned to expect same-day shipment and next-day delivery. And you still have to meet the expectations of often slow-moving regulatory agencies. 

Wherever your system is bottlenecked — from receiving and put away, through sorting, picking, and conveying, and all the way through shipping — our team of systems integrators will collaborate with you. We’ll discover your needs and find solutions that will scale with your business as you reach new goals.

Our team will help transform your fulfillment operations to achieve the resiliency it needs to meet future supply chain disruptions. While modern supply chains need to be as agile and flexible as ever, in today’s post-COVID world, your food and beverage operations have an increased need for resiliency.

Solutions need to be more automated, and provide higher storage densities and throughput, than ever before.

To meet the unique challenges in these turbulent times, industry leaders are looking to solutions that can meet specific needs, such as:

  • Fully automated pallet movers can be operated in temperatures as low as -25 degrees
  • Fully automated, high-density storage and retrieval solutions engineered for temperature ranges of 22 to 113ºF
  • Semi-automated deep lane storage that can increase capacity by as much as 60% and utilization rate to 80%
  • Cost-effective, high-density, multi-depth storage and retrieval technologies that operate from -22℉ to 131ºF
  • Robotic palletizers that can increase the accuracy, consistency, and efficiency of palletizing operations
robotic palletizer with pallet on conveyor

Because our solutions are manufacturer agnostic, we can seamlessly integrate the right semi- and fully automated solutions.

Whether it’s proven technology like palletizing robots from Fuji Robotics, or newer advancements entering the market like Moffett’s AS/R Taxi System, stow Robotics’ Atlas®2D, or Automha’s Autosatmover, our engineers will first identify your needs to recommend the right solution to advance your food and beverage operations.

When a nutritional supplement manufacturer needed to update its staging and storage, PeakLogix was able to design a solution using semi-automated deep lane storage, Automha’s PALLET RUNNER®, that increased capacity by more than 60% and utilization rates by 80%





deep lane storage integration

Custom Deep Lane Storage System integrated by PeakLogix.

The speeds and efficiencies of automated systems helps ensure that product spends as little time as possible being processed or bagged.

Foreign objects or low-quality goods can be automatically detected and removed, and product can be sorted by weight and size before being automatically weighed and bagged.

Conveyors, sorters, and other automated equipment can be designed for food-grade environments that meet all government regulations, including hygiene and cleanliness. For example, they can be easily broken down, washed and sanitized, and reassembled.

When an international seafood distributor needed to increase cold-chain management, accuracy, and quality in its shrimp packaging processes, PeakLogix was able to design a system that increased their capacity by 75% and their pass rate to 99.998%.





robotic palletizer and conveyor

Custom Robotic Palletizer and Conveyor System integrated by PeakLogix.


PeakLogix can help maintain adequate cold-chain management throughout your supply chain, including food processing and packaging.

Proper cold-chain management helps keep your customers healthy and prevent undesirable effects on your merchandise that can hurt your company’s reputation.

Learn how PeakLogix can help optimize your cold storage operations to maximize your throughput.

Achieving an ultimate goal isn’t enough: Facilities already in operation need fast implementations.

With the right labeling operations and a robust Warehouse Management System, automation can help track everything from raw materials to finished products, everywhere from a manufacturer’s plant floor to the end-user’s front door. Having this level of real-time data at hand gives managers and owners greater insight into their facility’s efficiency, and the ability to troubleshoot before small issues become big problems.

For facilities already in operation that need to realize these kinds of gains, having a solution designed and installed isn’t enough. The negative effects of the implementation on their capacity have to be minimized. 

Reach maximum potential with a tailored material handling solution from PeakLogix for your food and beverage operations.

When a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Sandston, VA, needed to automate its systems to help verify its products’ packaging, PeakLogix designed and implemented a PC-based barcode scanning solution to track and verify use of raw materials, and give the facility greater insight into, and control of, its production lines. And we did it with minimal impact on their operations.

Do you need a material handling solution for your food and beverage operations?

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