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Scale your operations with ScottTech PickPro®

Our proprietary Warehouse Management Software (WMS), ScottTech PickPro®.

An advanced web-based warehouse management software solution, ScottTech PickPro® is a fully independent WMS. Our in-house technology experts will tailor ScottTech PickPro® to your specific needs, customizing configuration to ensure your success.

  • Integrate with an ERP or use ScottTech PickPro® standalone
  • Integrates with AS/RS equipment and all peripheral devices
  • Manage all of your inventory
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Improve throughput and order accuracy
  • Reduce direct and indirect labor costs


ScottTech PickPro empowers companies across industries to adapt, transform, and lead in their domains, achieving excellence by blending adaptability, precision, and operational efficiency in their practices.

Evolving omnichannel environments demand optimized retail operations. ScottTech Pickpro prepares your inventory and fulfillment to scale efficiently. Our retail-suited WMS reduces manual efforts, enabling faster, more accurate shipping at reduced costs. It integrates seamlessly and manages inventory effectively, aligning with customer expectations for unified commerce. ScottTech Pickpro adapts quickly to modern consumer needs.

Healthcare demands absolute accuracy in inventory management, especially for diverse items like surgical tools and pharmaceuticals. ScottTech Pickpro offers precise tracking and easy information retrieval, which is essential for patient care. The precision and adaptability of ScottTech Pickpro make it well-suited for healthcare facilities’ complex and varied inventory needs.

ScottTech PickPro® integrates into

your existing operations

ScottTech PickPro® is both equipment and system agnostic, and seamlessly layers into your software’s architecture to provide granular feedback on, and control of, your operations. ScottTech PickPro®’s versatility enables the growth of your business.

ScottTech PickPro® allows your ERP to more efficiently batch and route orders. As a WMS, ScottTech PickPro® gains the ability to tightly manage the cubic space of the warehouse, including inventory locations and quantities. As a WCS, ScottTech PickPro® also manages equipment in a warehouse, including storage and retrieval systems, RF terminals, lights trees, conveyors, and more.

Whatever configuration you need to manage your system now, ScottTech PickPro® can be configured to help increase your efficiencies, speed up your processes, and lower your costs. As your demands increase, ScottTech PickPro® can be tailored to incorporate new equipment at higher throughputs, scaling with your business as it grows.

ScottTech PickPro®- TXP/WCS - ScottTech PickPro®- WMS - ScottTech PickPro®- WMS/WCS -
Inventory Control / Management
Put Away
Cycle Counting
Slotting Replenishment
Cross Docking
Manage AS/RS Equipment
Manage Tote Traffic
Routing Management

ScottTech PickPro® seamlessly integrates with your servers and networks to provide more granular data insights, inventory controls, and operational efficiencies. Schedule a demo to learn more about the nuances of integration and how it can be customized to your operations.

Is ScottTech PickPro® right for your operations?

Confronted with a shifting labor force and global crises, the material handling industry is experiencing growing labor costs and frequent inventory disruptions in an increasingly competitive market. Never has it been more critical to drive throughput while decreasing operational costs.

As consumer demands on ecommerce create new challenges for inventory management, the industry’s trend toward automated solutions continues to grow. Many facilities, however, add automation only to find their throughput limited by unexpected bottlenecks in their operations.

Working with you, our team will conduct an extensive discovery process, looking at everything from your systems and processes to your costs and customer satisfaction rates. Our proprietary software solution, ScottTech PickPro®, can be fully integrated with your existing infrastructure to better enable your systems, speed up processes, increase storage density, and allow your systems to scale up with demand.

Increase pick rate by 178% while decreasing labor costs

Our team implemented a goods-to-person picking system for a large women’s apparel retailer. The system was designed with 24 horizontal carousels, an automated tote handling system, and our ScottTech PickPro® warehouse management system to manage all the inventory and transportation.

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