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Boost your throughput and improve your footprint with a vertical lift module.

Vertical Lift Modules are ideal for expanding your vertical footprint cost-effectively while improving throughput rates and reducing labor costs.  

A Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is a vertical Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) that encompasses trays in the front and back and an inserter and extractor through the center.

Simply input your order and the VLM delivers them directly to a picker. Trays are retrieved and delivered automatically to a pick window.

A VLM also allows items to be delivered to multiple access windows, further improving throughput and accuracy.

Upon picking completion, an inserter/extractor retrieves and stores the tray in a designated position based on space-saving metrics for the quickest possible retrieval. 

Protect your goods by reducing drop risk and damage.

Reduce damaged goods while increasing retrieval times and reducing the manpower to find products.

A VLM provides secure storage with user-level access for restricted items to avoid products in the wrong hands. Meanwhile, shutter doors and lighted areas can improve safety and reduce accidental cost incursion. 

The result: picking and packing occur rapidly and with higher accuracy.

installation of logimat vlm

Maximize your vertical cube by providing on-demand access to hundreds or thousands of SKUs.

The trays are multifunctional, working as cases, totes, and large items. Using trays with dividers can store large SKU quantities on one tray. When paired with pick-to-light technology, voice picking, or conveyors, you’ll achieve higher throughput with 99.99% accuracy. One client achieved cost savings of $100K after integrating a VLM. They increased their capacity and fulfillment while reducing pick times and labor costs

VLMs have basic internal controls and integrate with existing warehouse management software (WMS). Systems can also maximize density to find additional space in facilities where it is limited. The VLM measures trays to create storage space automatically.

Whether using single or multiple VLMs, consolidation and buffering requirements can increase existing floor space and increase productivity so you see a rapid return on investment (ROI). 





vlm integration by peaklogix

Custom VLM integration by PeakLogix.

A VLM gives you greater control over your growing business needs.

A combination of technology and design makes VLMs popular across multiple warehouse settings. They have a small footprint, optimizing vertical space while freeing up valuable floor space.

Equipped with this technology your business can predict with greater accuracy throughput with lower error rates and labor costs. A VLM can function standalone or integrated with existing or recommended systems to support your business in the future. 

VLMs enable continued revenue gains. Solutions are scalable and can grow with your business to maximize your vertical footprint, pick efficiency, and overall productivity.





PeakLogix provides a rich selection of VLMs with pre- and post-installation features.

Data-driven optimization and design provide maximum productivity, throughput, ergonomics, and accuracy. 

VLMs have various applications to benefit labor and efficiency. Their flexible application in a wide range of industries makes VLMs popular solutions.

A solution from PeakLogix can include:

  • Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) integration
  • Heights up to 40 feet
  • Easy software integration 
  • Systems and operations improvements

Increase storage density and achieve compact storage with a VLM solution from PeakLogix.

To take full advantage of VLMs’ benefits, you need a solution tailored to your business. We specialize in creating functional and productive experiences for your business so you can focus on growth. Once you submit your details below, one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

After you virtually guide us through your facility and outline data points, we will use the gathered information to create a model and plan according to your business needs.

We have a VLM solution for you.

Our solutions give you valuable insight into your projected growth and the tools to manage it successfully. Our top priority is what’s best for you, so the manufacturer comes second to the solution unless you prefer a specific OEM. Our solutions and support are within reach no matter where you are.

Are you ready for a VLM?

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