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Facilities like yours could save with an automated storage and retrieval system.

Industry-leading, data-driven optimization from an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) can provide your facility with extra flexibility and speed. 

An AS/RS integrated by PeakLogix is a key component of integrated systems. It combines data-driven optimization, Warehouse Management Software, and labor investment reallocation.

The result is optimized productivity and operations throughput.

AS/RS can result in greater profitability and worker satisfaction for your facility. Distribution centers can spend over 50% of labor costs on manual storage and retrieval.

Design, integration, control, and installation of an AS/RS allow you to reallocate your capital investments to further train and promote your high-skilled staff.

An AS/RS makes fulfillment operations work for you.

Distribution operation centers and warehouses need on-demand access to flexible technology. An AS/RS meets the demand for speedy, accurate, and efficient fulfillment of orders. In the right facility, automation can be a cost-effective solution for material handling challenges such as rising order velocity or volume and labor shortages.

An automated storage and retrieval system integrates with a Warehouse Management System and other business systems you have in place, allowing you to:

  • Increase throughput processes from inventory decanting, racking, and conveyance to sorting and packaging.
  • Expand and maximize your existing floorspace vertically.
  • Reduce or avoid capital expenditures related to expansion and new construction.
  • Lower labor and other operating costs through improved inventory control.
  • Improve security for premium or controlled products.
ASRS interior

AS/RS optimizes your facility by integrating narrow aisles, stacked storage, or moving storage.

Each aisle is automated with a goods-to-man picking service, so your operations can improve productivity. An AS/RS solution also helps you plan for inconsistencies and spend time on improving your facility.

One client achieved a 20% reduction in fulfillment time when integrating an AS/RS with their WMS and RFID technology and a 75% boost in productivity.





custom AS/RS from PeakLogix

Custom AS/RS integration by PeakLogix.

AS/RS has multiple applications to optimize efficiency. 

  • Aisle-to-aisle stacking paired with horizontal carousels for maximum footage utilization.
  • Carousels combined with Pick-to-Light or voice picking for high-speed goods-to-person fulfillment.
  • Inventory management to notify staff of reduced inventory levels so you never run low.
  • Receive orders from multiple high-density and velocity inventory zones for picking and consolidation. 
  • Deliver the correct product and quantity so you see a reduction in error. 
  • Route optimization for faster, more efficient deliveries.

Your facility is better with a customized AS/RS solution from PeakLogix.

To take full advantage of the AS/RS benefits, you need a solution tailored to your business. We specialize in creating the best experience for you to focus on growth. Once you submit your contact information below, one of our representatives will reach out to you within 24 hours.

We will listen to your needs as you virtually guide us through your facility and outline data points. We will use the gathered information to create a model and plan an Automated Storage and Retrieval System integration according to your business goals.

We have an AS/RS solution for you.

We are the only AS/RS solutions provider to give you valuable insight into your projected growth using a custom solution. Our top priority is what’s best for you, so the brand or manufacturer comes second to the solution unless you prefer a specific OEM. Our solutions and support are within reach no matter where you are.

Are you ready for an AS/RS transformation?

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