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The most flexible storage solution: racking.

The product:


Racking has been an industry go-to for decades as a vital piece of equipment. By strategically designing your warehouse blueprint, you can drastically increase your storage capacity and improve your productivity. No matter your product, racking offers an effective and economical solution to storing everything from heavy duty, bulky materials to small eaches.

PeakLogix integrates a

wide variety of racking

Even as the industry moves toward more and more automation, racking continues to be a vital part of warehouse storage and fulfillment.

Because we have deep relationships with several manufacturers, we can propose quality racking solutions for all your needs. From pallet racking, selective racking, cantilever racking, and more, we’ll deliver a custom or standard design that drives your capacity and productivity.

pallet rack

Specialized racking for 500,000+
square feet of warehouse.

Needing specialized storage design and product weight capacities, we designed and implemented an industrial class, turnkey racking solution across 500,000+ square feet of warehouse. The design consolidated and centralized logistics, and continually saves infrastructure costs.

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