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PeakLogix Strengthens Team with New Systems Sales Engineer Tobi Popoola

Richmond, VA, November 8, 2023 - PeakLogix, an Alta Material Handling company, is pleased to announce Tobi Popoola has joined as a Systems Sales Engineer covering the greater Toronto area and Montreal. Popoola is an accomplished sales professional with over 10 years of experience driving growth for material handling companies. He joins PeakLogix from Honeywell/Intelligrated in Toronto, where, as a…

PeakLogix Partners with Peer Robotics

PeakLogix is excited to announce its recent partnership with Peer Robotics to bring innovative robots to the material handling industry. Peer Robotics was founded in 2019 with a mission to help manufacturers of all sizes conquer the challenges of traditional automation with innovative robotic technologies. Their collaborative autonomous mobile robot (AMR) is revolutionizing robotics and material movement with its ability…

PeakLogix Announces Partnership with stow Robotics

PeakLogix is excited to announce its partnership with stow Robotics to bring new storage solutions to clients across all industries. stow Robotics, part of the stow Group, has been committed to warehouse automation since launching its Atlas® 1D Pallet Shuttle in 2012. The company expanded its automation solution set with the introduction of the Atlas® 2D in 2019. In 2021,…

Peaklogix Set to Showcase Software Modernization at Promat

PeakLogix recently announced that its warehouse management software (WMS), ScottTech PickPro®, is upgrading its user interface. ScottTech PickPro® is a fully independent WMS that provides granular data insights, inventory controls and operational efficiencies. The software is equipment and system agnostic, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with warehouse servers and networks. The new user interface (UI) is thoughtfully designed to expedite…

Peaklogix Announces the Expansion of its Systems Sales Team

PeakLogix is excited to announce the expansion of its team with the addition of three new Systems Sales Engineers: Matt Virkler, Adam Stegeman, and Scott Presley. This expansion establishes a stronger presence in the US Midwest as this geographical segment continues to grow rapidly for PeakLogix. Presley, Virkler, and Stegeman each join the company after previously holding positions in applications…

Warehouse Wearables: Advantages & Implementation Challenges

Warehouse wearables are computers, scanners, and communication devices engineered to be small and ergonomic enough for operators to wear throughout their shift. They are similar to mobile devices but with the added benefit of being hands-free and eyes-up. They improve the user’s experience in interfacing with a facility’s systems and processes, and increase material handling efficiency, accuracy, and safety. Among…

Peaklogix Welcomes Pat Peplowski as VP of Business Development

PeakLogix is pleased to announce that Pat Peplowski has joined the company as VP of Business Development. Peplowski is a data-driven leader who has spent his 30-year career profitably growing and scaling companies operating in B2B markets. The material handling market has been on a significant rise, bringing an abundance of companies seeking expedited solutions for managing inventory, increasing operational…
aerial image of warehouse interior
8 Tips for Improving Warehouse Efficiency Operations

8 Effective Tips To Enhance Warehouse Productivity

The demands of ecommerce – coupled with the increased need for more resilient supply chains – are forcing warehouses to work at, or even beyond, their current capacity. The good news – if we can call it that – is that most warehouses are currently inefficient and can take relatively simple, cost-effective steps to improve their workflows and throughputs. At…
How to Address Common Warehouse Redundancies Operations

Efficient Strategies to Tackle Warehouse Redundancies

To meet today’s challenges – with supply chain disruptions, labor market upheavals, high inflation, and rising interest rates – warehouses need to streamline their processes more than ever. Redundancy in warehouse processes leads to higher costs, an inflated need for labor, lower throughput, and less accuracy. At PeakLogix, we have decades of experience helping companies streamline their material handling processes.…