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PeakLogix is proud to offer our annual sponsorship of the 2017 Hampton Roads LogistX Games.

The 4th Annual Hampton Roads LogistX Games supports the local community college. All net proceeds will be directed to the Paul D. Camp Community College Foundation to underwrite scholarships in the workforce development and logistics areas.

To date, the Hampton games have raised over $88,000.00.

The Games, designed to promote the logistics industry on the local, regional and national level, brings teams together to compete in events styled after traditional track and field events, including:

Pallet Puzzle Sprint – Three-person teams each take 36 different-sized corrugated boxes from floor locations, assemble them and stack them on a pallet. The team with the quickest time wins.

Pallet Jack Relay – Three-person teams participate in a timed pallet jack relay race through an obstacle course while keeping the boxes on the pallet.

Pick/Pack Hurdle – Three-person teams move boxes from the pallet to a warehouse racking system while memorizing positioning and SKUs in a timed race.

Box Put – Teams will have packed one box with fragile bottled liquid items, in the Pallet Puzzle Sprint event, utilizing selected packaging material from various options. During the Box Put event one team member will then throw the box for distance and accuracy without breaking the contents.hampton roads logistx games

We congratulate the winners and all 10 participating teams for making this year’s LogistX Games a success. A special congratulations to the team from Givens who won the Golden Pallet.