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As industries adjust to the new normal of COVID-19, changes to everyday operations will have to be made. Cleaning and sanitization are now higher on the list of priorities than they ever were before. To that end, we at PeakLogix want to highlight a product from our partners at Hobart that will help keep employees and customers safe.

The latest guidelines from both OSHA and the CDC call for the periodic cleaning and sanitization of frequently touched surfaces. When your working environment involves touchscreens and door handles, keeping up with these new standards is an achievable hassle. When that environment includes bins, totes, and small parts, handwashing all of the frequently touched surfaces is futilely insufficient.

Hobart CL64T Tote Washer

CL64T Tote Washer (photo credit: Hobart)

Automating the process of cleaning and sanitizing bins and totes improves consistency, saves time, and increases productivity. Hobart’s automated CL64T Tote Washer conveys bins through a heated wash and rinse, followed by a fresh water rinse. An optional 20-HP blower can then remove water from the product for a clean, dry tote that is ready to use.

Large, insulated, stainless steel doors are easy to clean and designed to trap heat inside the machine for improved efficiency, lowered costs, and increased sanitization. Variable conveyance speed allows for the cycle to be optimized and ensures clean totes in a single wash.

The thoughtful design of the CL64T Tote Washer, and its available accessories, means that it isn’t limited to standard bins and totes. This makes it an optimal design for many industries in raising their standards of cleanliness.

COVID-19 has done more than threaten the lives of millions of people and damage the global economy. It’s raised our awareness of the threats that viruses pose, and the effectiveness of cleanliness and sanitization in combating them. COVID-19 has gotten a lot of press, but the reality is that influenza has been with us for centuries, and kills as many as 61,000 people each year in the US alone.

More always could have been done. And now the world knows.

The new normal of COVID-19 won’t mean constantly battling this one virus. A post-COVID world is a world with higher standards for cleanliness and sanitization.

Planning for those processes, and including them in the design of your systems, will mean more than increases in productivity and decreases in costs. It will also mean keeping your employees and customers safe.

If you’d like to learn more about Hobart, we invite you to visit their site.