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At a time when COVID-19 is straining the capacity of hospitals the world over, we at PeakLogix wanted to highlight some of the amazing work from one of our partners, Aethon.

For more than 15 years, Aethon has developed and produced autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) designed specifically for hospitals. These robots deliver medications, lab specimens, and meals, as well as handling linens, trash, and other large loads.

Aethon’s robots are a tried-and-true, trusted supplement to many hospitals’ workforces. Their AMRs are already making 5-million hospital deliveries per year, reducing the workload of hospital staff by miles a day. In a recent blog they report that since early February, “hospitals… located in hot spots around the country have increased TUG utilization by over 30%” compared to their weekly average.

Aethon mobile robot

Photo credit: Aethon

As the country is encouraged to follow social distancing best practices, healthcare workers don’t have the option to work from home. At the same time, the nature of their work brings them into close contact with the populations who are most likely to be contagious. Their AMRs not only reduces the workload of the hospital staff, but they also lower the amount of contact between patients and staff, which lowers the risk of cross contamination.

We are proud of our partnership with Aethon and if you’d like to learn more about how their robots are helping keep this crisis at bay, we recommend reading Aethon’s own words here.

We also encourage you to watch Aethon’s CEO, Peter Seiff, discussing their solutions in a recent interview on CNBC, found here.

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