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ProMat 2019 is right around the corner. Recently, the question was posed, “What’s so great about ProMat; why do you continue to attend?” The answer’s easy: ProMat continues to prove its value to the industry and our business.

Every other spring we attend with three things in mind: renewing our relationships, getting aligned with vendors, and identifying new technologies that best serve our clients.

We gain insights of why certain products or solutions continue to be popular and purchased, we learn the nuances about the products and technologies available or coming to the market soon, and we train on any new features or products with our equipment partners and vendors.

This year, our team is looking forward to experiencing the latest technologies first-hand that allow us to design solutions that help our clients work smarter, such as collaborative robots (cobots) and drones. We’re also eager to hear more about how advanced technology like blockchain is predicted to affect our everyday operations.

ProMat is a great opportunity to effectively – and efficiently – meet with our clients to check in on how we’re doing, understand what current challenges they’re facing in their operations, and discern how to proactively keep their operations running smoothly or plan for how to design their operations to address their projected growth.

Our team is looking forward to being at ProMat 2019. It always proves to be valuable to our growing our business. We look forward to seeing you there.