Reduced costs and increased efficiencies for industrial dry cleaning service

The project

The client fulfills nearly 8 million pounds of linens and apparel annually. When the company moved into a new fulfillment center, three key goals were outlined to advance its business performance: improve inventory tracking and control, create greater operational efficiencies, and increase the utilization of floor space.

The client was able to expand storage; increase productivity; reduce errors, labor costs and fulfillment time; and improve workforce scalability and employee safety.


The solution

PeakLogix designed and implemented an automated goods-to-man picking process, effectively moving clean, folded linens to storage and then to transportation as needed. This state-of-the-art operational system centers on a warehouse management system (WMS) and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and pairs custom conveyor equipment and vertical storage to increase operational efficiencies.

The results

20% reduction in time to fulfill using WMS, RFID, and AS/RS with 13% growth

The technologically advanced operations design reduced the space needed for fulfillment, increased the space for storage, and allowed flexibility to grow without expanding the facility’s footprint. Client saw drastic increases in operational efficiencies operations, with some workstations reaching 75% gains.