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Automha's PALLET RUNNER® minimizes your travel distance.

The product:

Deep lane storage

Deep lane storage is a specialty of PeakLogix. By understanding your goals and warehouse blueprint, our team can implement a solution into your operations that allows an increase in productivity while optimizing the storage and space capacities in your warehouse. We partner with Automha to integrate their semi-automated PALLET RUNNER® storage system.


from Automha

Automha's PALLET RUNNER® is ideal for nearly all warehouse operations and can be configured to move pallets through either FIFO or LIFO inventory models. This allows for the travel distance of lift operators to be minimized due to the pallet racks doing most of the traveling with the inventory.

We can create a custom solution that's tailored to your facility and footprint that doesn't disturb the flow of operations.

Automha Pallet Runner®

Possibilities of Automha PALLET RUNNER®

In this video, you’ll see how PeakLogix and Automha partnered to create a custom solution for a medical care company with large scale distribution. This PALLET RUNNER® implementation will allow them to more efficiently distribute product across its network of facilities.

Increasing storage capacity and utilization with semi-automated deep lane storage.

PeakLogix designed a plan that increased the realized capacity of one client by more than 60% and increased its utilization rate to nearly 80%. In addition, the client now benefits from a clear receiving dock, which facilitates their ability to unload additional inventory that can be ordered more efficiently.

Ideal for high-volume SKUs.

PeakLogix creates custom solutions that are tailored to your facility and footprint that doesn’t disturb the flow of operations. Using the semi-automated PALLET RUNNER® storage system, you can store more while optimizing your space capacities, then retrieve the inventory you need when it’s needed in just minutes.

Food and

Personal Protection
Equipment (PPE)

Health and

Shoes and

Packaged Goods

Medical and

Wine, Beer
and Spirits

and Tools

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