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Efficiencies across millions of square feet.

Save your operations considerable time, money, and manpower by working with material handling experts who are well known for developing innovative solutions that achieve measurable results.

Identify the root cause

of inefficiencies

Analyzing the data from your warehouse can reveal patterns of issues or opportunities. This data highlights the best ways to implement efficiencies to create savings in your operations.

From conventional material handling approaches to fully automated solutions, we tailor innovative designs and approaches to solve your specific challenges.

Maximize your cost
savings by

increasing throughput

conveyor with totes

Opportunities for cost savings can be found in production bottlenecks, poor space utilization, excessive maintenance, inefficient use of equipment, and more.

Simply re-organizing your racking can result in increases in operational savings. Integrating automation or pick technology can further enhance your ability to increase fulfillment.

By combining convention with automation, we helped one client realize a 25% gain in picking throughput and annual savings of nearly $250,000.

tgw conveyor and carton flow

Optimizing your workforce will
significantly increase your savings

In every facility, there’s an opportunity to streamline or optimize your workforce. By understanding where your manpower is being inefficient or incurring overtime, you can pinpoint areas for improvement.

We’ve helped several clients decrease their labor costs, with one client saving up to $300,000 per year.

pick to light

Reducing error rates can
materialize in large savings

Error rates have an impact to profitability for all facilities, but medical or surgical supply distributors have an added layer of risk associated with errors in orders fulfilled. By evaluating the touchpoints within your order fulfillment process, you can identify areas to streamline your fulfillment while increasing your order accuracy.

We’ve worked with clients to decrease their touchpoints by half and reduce their error rates by 50%.

The last step of fulfillment

carries huge opportunities

Whether shipping via FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, or LTL, you can achieve significant savings by streamlining your shipping process.

Using print and apply technology reduces your handling by approximately 60 seconds per package. This efficiency adds up to large cost savings.

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