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Print and apply to reduce your freight costs.

The product:

Print and apply

Reduce the manual touches, labor, and cost associated with your shipping process. Redirect your shipping efforts to advanced technologies like print and apply labeling systems to drastically improve your shipping accuracy and throughput.

PeakLogix integrates a

variety of print and apply

Print and apply technology increases your ability to raise throughput and shipping efficiency by processing hundreds or even thousands of packages per hour, all with accurate weight, measurements, and freight costs. Automatically print shipping manifestos and labels, and have them applied seamlessly to various sizes or materials of packages.

We work closely with software providers of print and apply technology to integrate a system that can help your operations diminish the need for manual labor and render a swift return on investment.

Numina print and apply

Advanced technology used to improve efficiency.

PeakLogix partnered with Panther Industries to integrate print and apply technology along with an accumulation conveyor to aid in shipping efficiency. Packages are now scanned and weighed using an inline scale, then measured for their precise dimensions using a dimensional scanner. By upgrading to a more precise shipping technology, the client is now saving $100K in freight costs.

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