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VolumeVault is now PeakLogix

Collaborative Integrations

ScottTech has been a valued long-term partner, collaborating with us to develop tailored integrations across manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution centers. This new operating structure consolidates our complementary services and solutions under one company brand. Together, we will continue to drive productivity and profitability through our facility design, engineering services, and software solutions.


What does this mean for existing customers?

You will continue to receive the customer experience, tailored solutions, equipment, and services ScottTech has always offered. Now with expanded expertise and offerings from the PeakLogix team and suite of solutions.

Will this change disrupt my scheduled integration or service?

No, this branding change will not disrupt any scheduled integrations, service or maintenance requests, or any other daily operations.

What is ScottTech PickPro®?

ScottTech PickPro® is our proprietary, web-based WMS that integrates seamlessly into your operations. Through one interface, you can manage inventory, increase efficiencies, improve throughput, and reduce labor costs.