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Scalable, accessible, collaborative
warehouse automation that creates operational efficiencies.

Data-driven solutions that drive efficiency and financial impact

We are experts at designing automated solutions that decrease your operational costs by helping your facility generate increased productivity and profitability.

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An industry leader at
the center of innovation

At PeakLogix, we’ve earned our reputation for delivering innovative solutions that provide value and tangible results for our clients.

For over 30 years, we’ve partnered and collaborated with top companies to implement automation without disruption to everyday operations.

From our proprietary WMS that streamlines operations and automated vehicles and robotics that increase efficiencies, to pick technology and palletizers that enhance your workforce, we center innovation in every solution we design.

We help you advance your operations by integrating the right solutions to boost your productivity.

Our team knows the value of meeting the increasing demands of your operations. That’s why we start by understanding your challenges and business goals. We integrate custom solutions tailored to your unique your needs that are proven to drive results. See how we’ve helped our clients by solution below.

Our latest automation technologies are readily accessible and easily scalable.

Next generation 3-D robotic fulfillment and collaborative AMRs both powered by PickPro®.

The newly refined ScottTech PickPro now powers the e.scala® system by stow Robotics, and the collaborative AMR by Peer Robotics. Together, you’ll gain greater accuracy, increased efficiency, denser storage, and lowered costs.

e.scala® Automated Storage.

  • Warehouse automation based on goods-to-person picking.
  • Designed for simplicity, reliability, rapid deployment, and flexible integration.
  • Modular cubic storage is scalable, has attractive ROI’s, and low cost of ownership.

Collaborative AMR

  • Simple and cost-effective automation that’s easy to deploy and scale.
  • Enables your staff to increase their productivity by up to 50%.
  • Gain more output from the same infrastructure and existing workforce.

Advance your operations.

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