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Manage your warehouse from a single point.

The product:


Implementing a Warehouse Control System (WCS) or Warehouse Management System (WMS) into facility operations is a specialty of PeakLogix. We start by examining your business goals and current operations to understand which technology will have the greatest boost in productivity to your pick, pack, and ship applications.

PeakLogix integrates a

variety of WCS/WMS

Integrate a WCS/WMS to gain greater control of your warehouse equipment and technologies. The right WCS/WMS can seamlessly sync your pick technology, print and apply systems, and other equipment to coordinate efficiencies. Further, a WCS/WMS provides real-time data tracking that offers valuable insights into your operations and opportunities for refining your systems and integrations.

Our team is experienced in integrating off-the-shelf and custom WCS/WMS solutions. No matter your needs, we can create greater efficiencies for your operations using a WCS or WMS.

custom WCS

Introducing PickPro®, a proprietary WMS.

Through our acquisition of ScottTech, we now offer PickPro® as part of our portfolio of solutions. PickPro® is a proprietary WMS to help manage your operations, create real-time directives to increase order fulfillment, and collect and analyze warehouse data to keep your operations at peak performance.

Automated processes managed through a WCS avoided a labor increase and drove picking throughput.

PeakLogix streamlined the facility’s picking by designing and installing a picking system using automated, MDR conveyor and pick divert technology, managed by a customized warehouse control system. In year one of integration, the client realized a 25% gain in picking throughput, a savings of nearly $250,000 per year, and a 60% decrease in time-to-replenish.

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