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Custom voting carts for all your election equipment needs.

The product:

Voter Cart

Order custom voting carts to set up and facilitate your elections with ease. Make this election season your most efficient with custom voting carts that easily move and store your election equipment and voting supplies. Perfect for any voting machine or ballot type. Made in the USA, all carts are made to order and customized to your specific voting machines, including all election supplies and accessories.

  • ADA compliant voting platforms and ballot boxes
  • Precinct carts to move and store your equipment easily
  • Nesting voting booths ensure privacy and ease transporation
  • Security cages to store your voting equipment safely and securely

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voter cart

Ergonomic design that’s easy to use.

voting machine cart

Load election equipment once and you’re done.

voting machine storage

Make storage easy and retrieval easier.

voting machine cart

Customize voting carts to your specs.

Make your next election season your most efficient with ReadyVote carts, watch our webinar to learn more