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Using robotics to enhance your automation.

The product:


Robotics are bringing a new wave of innovation to the industry to maximize efficiency in your warehouse. By developing a warehouse blueprint that integrates robotics into your facility, you’ll decrease breaks in operations and increase your productivity.

PeakLogix integrates a

wide variety of robotics

Automation is becoming synonymous with the industry - in both small scale and large scale. Today, there are more options than ever before, especially when it comes to robotics. From robotic palletizers to collaborative robots, we help you implement the right level of automation to advance your operations.

Because we have close partnerships with may robotics equipment manufacturers, we can create tailored automation solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing operations.

robotic palletizer

Watch a robotic case erector in action

In this video, you’ll see how the PeakLogix “Bridge” interface enables the robotic case erector to construct boxes in specific sizes, then push them along conveyor to through the rest of the fulfillment process.

Operations without manual labor, complete
automation made possible with Fuji Robotics.

PeakLogix designed and installed an automated conveyor system to feed cases into and transport pallets from 4 Robotic Palletizers, integrating robots and custom-built end effectors. The new system eliminated all manual labor, increasing the facility’s capacity to palletize up to 120,000 cases into 600 palletized loads in a single 20-hour day.

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