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Precision enabled by pick technology.

The product:

Pick technology

Pick technology empowers precision in picking products, from eaches to cartons and beyond. By examining your warehouse blueprint against your operational data and metrics, we can design and implement pick technology tailored to your facility that increases order accuracy and productivity. 

PeakLogix integrates a

variety of pick technologies

From voice-to-pick to pick-to-light technology, orders can be picked and filled faster by integrating pick technology rather than using pick-to-paper or other picking methods.

Our team works with only the best pick technology providers to design and implement the most appropriate solution to meet your operational goals.

pick to light technology

Voice pick technology doubles the volume of orders picked.

Picking by paper for each individual order was upgraded to batch picking using voice pick technology. As part of a comprehensive approach to integrating automation, pick technology, print and apply, accumulation conveyor and put wall, and wire-guided vehicles helped to double volume, increase productivity, maintain staffing levels, reduce overtime, and reduce costs.

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