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Streamline your product flow with pick modules.

The product:

Pick module

Pick modules bring flexibility and productivity to your pick operations. By engineering a warehouse blueprint that creates efficient use of your space, you’ll achieve a higher turnover of high-volume orders. 

PeakLogix integrates a

variety of pick modules

Pick modules advance the order fulfillment process by using pallet and carton flow racks to push eaches, cartons, totes, or containers through the facility. With this flow-through movement, space is better utilized and orders more effectively prepared for shipment.

Our team has decades of experience integrating pick modules into warehouse operations to streamline order fulfillment.

tgw conveyor and carton flow

Custom configuration of pick modules to achieve an increased pick rate and throughput.

With a need to improve the flow of materials, increase their daily pick rate and distribution, PeakLogix installed a 2-Level Pick Module system that allowed this client to increase their pick throughput by 55%.

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