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Maximize Storage Efficiency with Vertical Lift Module Solutions

The product:

Lift module

Warehouse expansion and automation can be expensive and time-consuming, but with vertical lift modules (VLM) you can maximize the space you already have. We’ll work with you to design an ideal layout for your warehouse that optimizes your space for storage without having to fully automate your warehouse.

PeakLogix integrates a

variety of lift modules

Avoid increasing your warehouse footprint by storing up, not out. VLMs optimize every inch of your warehouse, enabling you to take advantage of your vertical footprint, not just your traditional square footage.

VLMs are completely customizable to all warehouses with the ability to be installed on multiple floors to optimize the space you already have. The applications of VLMs include quick picking and inventory storage, all of which can help your warehouse minimize errors in day-to-day operations.

logimat vertical lift module

Increased inventory capacity to free up floor space and generate significant cost savings.

PeakLogix implemented a VLM to create a greater density of storage, increase capacity and fulfillment, reduce picking times and decrease labor costs. In total, integrating a VLM into this client’s operations saves them nearly $100,000 per year.

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