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The e.scala® storage system breaks the mold of traditional warehouse automation.

Shuttle innovation that integrates next generation 3D robotic fulfillment based on goods-to-person picking.

Scale your throughput and capacities with modular cubic storage that brings attractive ROI’s and low total cost of ownership. The system requires no lifts or conveyors, providing flexible integration to any point in a facility.

e.scala® is ideal for all temperature zones in any facility. It’s a one-fits-all solution for storing, picking, and delivery of room temperature, ambient, chilled, or frozen goods.

Warehouse automation founded on simplicity, reliability, and rapid deployment.

The e.scala® system can be deployed rapidly into your facility based on pre-stocked inventory. With density variables from single to multi deep storage and redundancy of multiple routes to every storage location, you’ll improve pick and order accuracy and increase throughputs.

Affordable automation that’s simple by design, e.scala® is purposely easy to deploy:

  • Module cubic storage
  • Scalable in 4 dimensions
  • Consists of only 15 parts (rack + robot)
  • Innovative ramp tower design
  • No electrification throughout the system needed
  • “Charge on the fly” concept at workstation

The pre-engineered design makes e.scala® easily tailored and scaled for any facility.

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