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Get ready for upcoming elections with curbside voting carts.

The product:

CurbExpress CartTM

More voters are looking to cast their ballot from their vehicles. Be ready with CurbExpress™ by ReadyVote®, the cart that makes curbside voting possible. It’s a simple but practical, cost-effective, and safe solution for participating in the election process. Ensure your residents can cast their vote safely and privately from their vehicle using CurbExpress™.

  • Eliminates the need for a voter to leave their vehicle
  • Allows easy movement by a single poll worker without lifting or carrying heavy election equipment
  • Quickly positioned at the vehicle’s driver, passenger, or rear window
  • Large rear wheels make transporting on uneven surfaces like curbs, steps, gravel or grass possible with minimal effort
  • Cantilever nesting design and soft front bumper guard minimize potential vehicle damage
vote by car
drive up voting
curbside voting cart
covered curbside voting cart