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Collaborative AMRs designed to work with humans.

Autonomous Mobile Robots that can be deployed into your existing infrastructure, right out of the box.

Increase productivity by up to 50% by using the same infrastructure and existing workforce. The flexible design of these AMRs from Peer Robotics offers collaborative and safe interaction with your facility staff.

Deploy these collaborative robots within minutes to see an immediate increase in productivity. You can start small and scale as you need or as your operations grow.

Robotics that requires 0% safety investment.

Collaborative AMRs are safe and flexible. Because they are designed to work with humans, they have real-time learning ability.

Affordable, safe, and scalable automation that scales with your needs and has out-of-the-box deployment and integrates with your existing infrastructure:

  • No-code deployment
  • Learns by demonstration
  • Natural navigation, human detection, obstacle avoidance, and reactive control
  • Subscription model enables seamless adoption and expansion
  • Payload 550 lb with runtime up to 16 hours with 4 hours of charging
  • Max speed up to 3.4 mph

Smart, collaborative robots with real-time learning ability from humans.

Are you ready to integrate collaborative AMRs?

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