4.5x increase in small parts pick rate for power equipment manufacturer

The project

This manufacturer and distributor of power equipment tools was moving its distribution facilities. PeakLogix designed its new warehouse to ensure ongoing efficiency and productivity.

conveyor and carton flow

The solution

PeakLogix implemented a Goods-to-Man parts picking and processing system featuring two pods of (4) horizontal carousels in combination with pick-to-light carton flow to maximize small part pick efficiency. Efficient 24V roller conveyor system intelligently routes open orders to the appropriate carousel pod for fulfillment, allowing the operation to “sprint” by adding resources to pick pods whenever volume increases.

conveyor and carton flow

The results

450% increase in small parts pick rate

The new facility accommodates over 9,000 SKU’s in parts picking areas, of which over 7,000 are stored in carousels. The small parts pick rate has increased by nearly 4.5x, growing from 50 lines per hour to 220 line per hour by moving from Pick-to-Cart to Goods-to-Man.