2x the volume and $100K in savings for a medical distributor

The project

The client was experiencing heavy growth and needed to expand their storage capacity and improve their pick system. They aimed to double order volume picked an shipped while maintaining current staffing levels, improving efficiency, and allowing for anticipated growth.

The solution

PeakLogix upgraded the facility’s batch picking using voice pick technology. Narrow aisle handstack racking was designed using wire guidance to optimize space without limiting forklift mobility. A put wall was implemented to redirect odd sized items and consolidate orders. Print and apply technology was integrated with the system along with an accumulation conveyor to aid in shipping efficiency.

The results

Increased throughput by 2x, productivity by 200%, and savings by $100K

PeakLogix helped Merit Medical double volume and increase productivity by 200% while maintaining staffing levels reducing overtime. The integration helped the facility achieve an additional $100,000 in annual savings on shipping and freight. The project was implemented this project with minimal downtime or interference to our client’s normal operations.