Increased throughput and productivity through label design and installation

The project

Clients across industries have similar needs in designing their product flow to enable efficient, error-free picking that results in high productivity and throughput.

The solution

PeakLogix has a long-standing partnership with Dasko Label designing and installing multiple storage systems across the country. With 30+ years in the material handling industry, PeakLogix has installed pallet racking, handstack racking, bins, and various types of signage including nearly 1 million racking location labels, overhead bin location signs, pallet location signs, direction, and safety signage.

Recently across medical supply distributors

  • 12,500 pallet/handstack location labels installed
  • 10,000 small parts bins provided and labeled

Recently across food and beverage distributors

  • 10,000 overhead bin location signs installed across three distribution sites

  • 7,500 racking location labels designed and installed

Recently across shipbuilder facility

  • 18,000 pallet location labels designed installed

The results

Efficiencies gains across facilities and industries

With effective storage and label designs as part of integrated solutions, we’ve helped clients reach productivity and efficiency goals, ranging from increasing throughput by over 50%, boosting small pick rates by 4.5x, and growing productivity by more than 100%.