Increased capacity and equipment uptime for a medical technology company.

The project

An aging conveyor system created daily disruptions in the processing and shipping operations of
an industry-leading medical technology company, preventing them from meeting their goals.

The solution

PeakLogix helped identify their core needs to discover an industry-best solution providing a replacement for aged conveyor system; adding barcode scanners, automated print-and-apply machines, and semi-automated case sealers; and upgrading to a new Warehouse Control System.

This reduced the need for maintenance of their system and subsequent downtime while increasing capacity and nearly doubling throughput from 8 cases per minute up to 14.

Conveyer automatization

The results

75% increase in system capacity.

The new conveyor system not only accommodates the entire collection in one-third the space, but also allows for years of growth. By automating the system and improving the layout, the client was also able to reduce the staff required for operations.

The capacity of the system has been almost doubled from 8 cases per minute up to 14, where the equipment’s uptime has been increased by updating and upgrading aged and out-of-date components. Uptime has been further increased with efficient 24/7 hotline support and up-to-date analytics of equipment and processes.