Elimination of over time and increased efficiencies for world-leading hardware retailer and wholesaler.

The project

A world-leading hardware retailer and wholesaler needed to upgrade the software in, and add computer hardware to, their distribution group to streamline order processing, eliminate bogged down computer systems, and increase throughput.

The solution

PeakLogix upgraded the existing Warehouse Control System with ScottTech PickPro®, ScottTech BulkPro™, BatchPro, touch-screen operator interfaces, and RF picking. New hardware was also installed, including horizontal carousels, conveyors, and IPTI™ Pick to Light.

The results

33% increase in overall throughput, elimination of overtime with a 50% increase in bulk picking.

With the new systems in place, the distribution group saw picking throughput at their carousels increase to 300 lines per operator, eliminating the need for overtime. In bulk areas, throughput increased by 50%.