Store more PPE without increasing your footprint. Then retrieve it quickly when it's needed.

COVID-19 has strained PPE supplies and put healthcare workers at risk. Many states will required stockpiles of PPE in case of emergencies. Stock up and store more with PALLET RUNNER®. Learn more >

PeakLogix creates custom solutions that are tailored to your facility and footprint that doesn’t disturb the flow of operations. Using the semi-automated PALLET RUNNER® storage system, you can store more while optimizing your space capacities, then retrieve the inventory you need when it’s needed in just minutes.

60% increase in capacity using PALLET RUNNER®

PeakLogix designed a solution centered on semi-automated deep lane storage to increase overall storage capacity, improve general materials flow, and facilitate FIFO.

Stock up, store more, and be prepared. 
Learn how we can help.

Whether fully automated or a tiered approach, our custom solutions will advance your operations to drive productivity and optimize the storage and space capacities.

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